Gurith Coast

The Gurith Coast starts at the merchant-ruled city of Gurith and spans north along most of the western coastline of Damea. Named after the younger of two brothers that served under the land's founder and first ruler, Dameas, the Gurith Coast has a milder climate than the rest of Damea, with wet, rainy winters and dry summers. Temperatures stay consistent throughout the seasons. Smaller towns dot the coast north of Gurith - the largest being the town of Onede. The city of Gurith itself has no king, but is governed instead by the Merchants Guild, an exclusive (and somewhat shadowy) group of tradesmen, craftsmen, and other influential figures in the economy of the city.

Western Hills

To the east of the Gurith Coast is a barrier of tall, rolling green hills in which several farming villages have sprung up over the last era. The people of the Western Hills enjoy longer, hot and dry summers and shorter, wet winters. Several rivers run down the hills on both sides and keep the farmlands irrigated. Most of the villages are settled in the valleys while larger villas belonging to the more secluded nobility rest in the higher altitudes. The Western Hills are not ruled by any government or monarch and most of its residents prefer to think of themselves as from their particular town as opposed to the region itself.

Azgadaran Empire

Any Azgadaran noble will tell you that Dameas began his rule over Damea in the great city of Azgadar, even though there is conflicting evidence that points to otherwise. The largest nation in Damea by far with borders touching the frigid wasteland of Rhyad and the northern edge of the Black Forest, the Azgadaran Empire (or just “Azgadar” as it is commonly referred to) has withstood centuries of war and famine while still maintaining the most powerful army in Damea. Shortly after the catastrophic events following The Starving, the empire enacted strict regulations on magic usage and the handling of magical artifacts to better conserve magic. The climate of Azgadar is hot and dry, and its northern region is for the most part desert.


The northermost region of Damea and the least populous as well, Rhyad is a cold and mostly mountainous place. Rarely traveled due to its extreme weather conditions and treacherous terrain, Rhyad is not under the banner of any Damean nation. The occasional traveler might use Rhyad's mountain passes to avoid crossing the desert in northern Azgadar, but the risk is so great that most will not risk the journey.


Gurdin, the older of two brothers that served under Dameas, the land's founder and first ruler, took his family and armies east and founded the City of Towers. The city serves as Gurdinfield's capital, though the land has been embroiled in a long and bitter civil war for the last twenty years. Sprawling grasslands and patches of forest of cover most of Gurdinfield, which claims most of eastern Damea up to the Rhyadan River and its several farming and fishing villages. The region's summers tend to be hot and humid while its winters see snow most years. The City of Towers was once home to an Enchanters Academy, and while its doors have long been closed, the nation is one of the last known places to find significant sources of magic in Damea.

Black Forest

The dark and labyrinthine woods in the southeast corner of Damea are better known to travelers as the Black Forest. A mysterious place that only the bravest dare to travel through (and even fewer live in), the Black Forest plays host to numerous dangers that befall unprepared travelers who attempt to navigate through it. Magic is easily found in these parts and it is not uncommon for enchanters to visit the forest to conduct their experiements.